Foam Vein Removal In Tampa

Foam Vein Removal in Tampa


Foam Vein Removal in Tampa

Board certified vascular surgeon Dr. Suresh and his medical assistant Jay, performing Varithena® microfoam vein treatment to remove varicose veins from this patient’s legs at The Vein and Vascular Institute’s Riverview vascular facility.

During Varithena® a microfoam is injected directly into the diseased veins that cause varicose veins.

The Varithena® microfoam fills the desired section of the vein and treats the vein wall, causing the diseased vein to collapse.

There are many benefits to using Varithena® for treating varicose veins, such as:

– the procedure is nearly painless
– the treatment does not require incisions or stitches
– the microfoam can reach veins that a catheter can’t reach
– a wire does not need to be inserted along the length of the vein
– the treatment does not use heat, reducing the risk of thermal injury
– only one or two needle sticks are needed per treatment to insert the microfoam

Varithena® is a quick and easy procedure that takes less than an hour to perform and is an excellent option for patients who have had previous, unsuccessful saphenous vein treatment results.

The procedure is provided on an outpatient basis and allows quick recovery so patients can enjoy minimal downtime and no scarring in the treatment area.

Following the Varithena® vein removal procedure, most patients may resume some activities on the same day but patients must avoid heavy exercise for one week, after which regular activity can be resumed.

After the procedure, graduated compression stockings should be worn for one month for added support while the legs fully heal.

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Foam Vein Removal in Tampa

At The Vein and Vascular Institute our board certified vascular surgeons treat vein and vascular disorders on an outpatient basis using the most advanced, minimally-invasive endovascular surgery techniques available anywhere in the world.

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