Venous Disease Treatment in Tampa Using Laser Vein Treatment Improved Ken’s Quality of Life


Venous Disease Treatment in Tampa

Using Laser Vein Treatment Put An End To Ken's Leg Pain and Improved His Quality of Life

Venous disease treatment in Tampa using laser vein treatment changed Ken’s life for the better.

Laser vein treatment performed by board certified vascular surgeon Dr. Brandt Jones has allowed Ken to enjoy healthy legs and feet again, free from pain and swelling.

For the past 10 years, Ken had been suffering from:

  • leg pain
  • foot pain
  • ankle swelling

Ken enjoys being active but these debilitating symptoms were limiting the recreational activities he wanted to take part in.

After talking to his primary care physician about his symptoms, Ken was advised to seek the help of a vascular specialist at The Vein and Vascular Institute.

Vascular surgeon Dr. Brandt Jones diagnosed Ken with venous insufficiency and treated both legs using laser vein therapy (EVLT – Endovenous Laser Therapy).

After undergoing four laser vein treatments, Ken is now able to enjoy life to the fullest with healthy legs again, and was so happy to be able to run a 10K race with his wife, something he could not have done before vein treatment.

Ken's Testimonial About Vein Treatment With Dr. Jones

“Hello my name is Ken Lyke. I’ve lived in the Tampa Bay area for the last five years and probably for the last 10 years I’ve suffered from leg pain, foot pain and ankle swelling.

Having been a very active person through a lot of my life, it really was limiting what I could do and what I wanted to do.

And so I talked to my family doctor and about it, Dr. Haas and in that conversation he immediately recommended me to The Vein and Vascular office on Dale Mabry.

I made the appointments. As I had my first visit, I was welcomed to that office with some very helpful, very engaging people who made me feel at home. In particular, Manny, who likes to talk about sports…we don’t agree on the teams that he likes but that’s OK! But we had a great time getting to know each other at the preliminary visits in preparation for the vein procedures, which I had laser treatment four times.

Everything was set up so that I would know exactly what they were doing. I felt very comfortable in the office. They were very clear on what was to happen and so the journey began as it has been.

Now, a year and a half later, and four procedures later, I can now say that the symptoms have been significantly addressed. Whether it’s some of the foot pain because of the swelling or the pain in the legs, the calf, all that has been just downgraded considerably.

So as that has happened, what I would testify to, is I went on a journey to get ready to do a 10K (6.2 miles) and just about five weeks ago my wife and I did that race without any pain really. A little bit in my feet, probably not really attributable to the vein issues.

I was able to finish that 6.2 miles at an average of 15 minutes a mile and I really have to say and give testimony to the fact that to have had the procedures, have experienced the result of that, and to come out on the other side with a new lease on life.

I am looking forward to retirement and I want to be active. I haven’t been as active in some of these kinds of endeavors…like exercise and walking, jogging.

So now that’s been giving me a new opportunity.

So I would just recommend to you The Vein and Vascular Institute.

The front desk, those who helped me with the procedure and in particular Dr. Jones, all were very helpful and instrumental in making me feel relaxed and able to just benefit from what they do best.

If you’ve had those kind of situations where you’re dealing with vein issues and pain in your legs…there you have it! The Vein and Vascular Institute can really do a good job for you and give you a new lease on life.”

If you are suffering from leg pain, foot pain and ankle swelling, you could be suffering from venous insufficiency. You can schedule a vein consultation with one of our board certified vascular surgeons to help diagnose and treat your venous insufficiency by calling us today at (813) 377-2773.


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