Reviews of The Vein and Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay

Reviews of The Vein and Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay


Patient Reviews

Patients treated at The Vein and Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay leave wonderful reviews about our vascular surgeons and all the staff at our Tampa vein treatment center.

At The Vein and Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay we feel that we’ve accomplished our mission when patients let us know that we have improved their health and quality of life by providing unsurpassed patient care and state-of-the-art vascular treatments.


The front desk, those who helped me with the procedure and in particular Dr. Jones, all were very helpful and instrumental in making me feel relaxed and able to just benefit from what they do best. If you've had those kind of situations where you're dealing with vein issues and pain in your legs...there you have it! The Vein and Vascular Institute can really do a good job for you and give you a new lease on life.

Jeanie B.

I highly recommend Dr. Kerr. I had life threatening varicose veins and Dr. Kerr took care of me and saved my life. He is a miracle worker. He gets an A plus from me!


I am beyond impressed with the entire staff at the Lutz office. The appointments are always on time, office is clean and Iris is always happy to help with any questions you have. Now Dr. Wright, what a true professional, knowledgeable and always makes one feel comfortable.


I had a very good experience. Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

Mabel P.

I was referred to Dr Kerr by a RN that I trust very much at my PCM clinic, I had pain on my legs for a while and knew I needed help. I checked with Dr Kerr and since I had 3 laser surgeries on both of my legs, now I can honestly say Dr Kerr is the best in this field. He cares for his patients and this is something I always appreciate. Gracias Dr Kerr por toda su ayuda y por su profesionalismo . Thank you Dr Kerr, for all you do for your patients.


Good, always prompt service.

Linda C.

I went there after suffering with pain and heaviness in my legs for two years. Spoke with Dr. Wright he said that I had some vein problems but he could fix them. Now after my procedures my legs are feeling great and pain free. Thanks to Dr. Wright.

Gary B.

Dr Kerr so far has been wonderful. I had my procedure done on Saturday and the follow up Ultra sound was done today. The vein appeared to have closed off correctly. Dr Kerr is the top rated physician in his field. I personally have been coming from Kentucky to have him take care of me after a Dr in Nashville failed to diagnose a DVT and it developed into a massive thrombosis from my groin to my ankle. I am lucky to be alive because of that mistake. Dr Kerr is so careful and meticulous I feel very safe and know that I am getting the best of care.


I have been getting treatment for my varicose veins with the Vein and Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay since October 2014. I love the staff, from the receptionist, techs, assistants, and Dr. Wright. Very compassionate. I have had 2 EVLT's done and everything has gone smoothly. Everything is explained to the fullest...I just love that everyone I have dealt with are so professional and sweet..looking forward to continue with my treatments. Legs feel much better since I have been treated.

Thank you everyone great job..:)

Mack C.

I don’t feel like I’m 67 now, after the procedure, it gave me energy. I can do things now that I couldn’t do 6 months ago! I can play tennis with my daughter and ride bikes with my sons. I feel much better now. I’m not stressed out from the pain anymore. I wish I would have had the procedure earlier. Now I know why Dr. Wright has his name...because Dr. Wright...he is right!

Buffy L.

Just finished with my vascular surgery. Dr. Kerr and his team made my feel at ease and made me laugh and smile through the whole procedure:) I am very grateful.

James M.

My experience with the Vein and Vascular Institute of Spring Hill has been truly amazing. The results of my surgery were, to say the least, miraculous. I had a very bad vein problem in my left leg ever since I was a young man. After meeting with Dr. Valentin and the outstanding office and surgery staff, I proceeded with the procedure, the results were unbelievable! I and a new man. I never thought it would be possible for me to ever wear shorts without being embarrassed. Now I walk through life with a new confidence and pride. THANK YOU DR. VALENTINE !!!!! YOU AND THE ENTIRE TEAM are THE BEST!!!!!

Karla R.

Highly recommend this practice for hormone therapy and weight loss. Dr. Valentin is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She was able to give me back my energy and I feel better than ever. She also explains how hormones and supplements help support a healthier body for the years to come as well. Overall a great experience and I will be returning.

Amanda S.

Holly helped restore my confidence in my legs. I had spider veins for many many years and never was happy with my legs. Now I can wear shorts with confidence. Amanda and Iris were great in assisting with the procedures as well!

Star R.

Honestly, Dr. Jones, in my opinion is top notch. He’s fantastic. I would go to him anytime again for any vein and vascular issue I would have.

The first time I met him he was so personable, so down-to-earth. And I talked with him and he really talked with me. He explained my whole situation, what was going on. He asked me if I had any questions, additional questions. And he answered any questions I had.

Dr. Jones did a great job. I was just so amazed how painless it was and how wonderful my legs looked. And because of the job that he did with my legs, I have a new life with my legs now. I’m able to do things that I couldn’t do before. I have more stamina. My legs are not tired in the morning. They’re not painful any longer. They’re wonderful they feel great. There’s no swelling and they feel fantastic.

I just want to thank Dr. Jones here at The Vein and Vascular Institute for giving me back my life.


I love the results I get, my legs were always nice however with age they are changing...I must get back this year to the Vein Institute for a touch up so my legs can be ready for shorts and bathing suit time!


Very satisfied. Happy that I finally had this procedure after dealing with the symptoms for so many years.

Joyce S.

Dr. Wright makes you feel very comfortable. I have had 4 EVLTs done so far and will have the fifth and hopefully final one next week. The procedure takes maybe 15 minutes and minimal pain. The improvement of my leg pain and swelling is phenomenal. I am so thankful for the procedure and this office.

Maggie S.

Everyone was very kind, considerate and caring. The procedure was nearly pain free and Dr. Jones was very attentive and caring as was his assistant. I am very happy I chose this facility.

Mia O.

Dr. Suresh is an excellent surgeon. Office is clean. Assistants are knowledgeable and respectful.

Mary W.

My husband and I were BLESSED this past Christmas to have Dr. Brandt Jones assigned to my husband's case at the Medical Center of Trinity, Florida. He was caring, patient, and thorough; straightforward with his diagnosis and options for Dieter's treatment. He explained everything and answered every question--even the ones we'd already asked. We never would have made it through 12/22/15--1/22/16 without his care and advice. . .both at the hospital, throughout D's care at rehab, and in the office visits. The staff is made of good listeners, too. . .so important when you're feeling like your world is caving in around you.

Sandra K.

Dr. Valentin is fabulous!! With compassion and efficiency, they got me in with the the guidance of Dr. Kerr within an hour and evaluated. Even the ultrasound tech stayed to do my emergency scan, even though she had a death in the family.


Dr Kerr and staff are friendly, have knowledge to answer important questions, and make me feel secure that I'm receiving the best care. I trust Dr Kerr with my life, my future path to better health.

Diana J.

I would highly recommend Dr. Goldbach if you need anything done. Both he and his assistants were wonderful during my ELVT procedure. I give them a 5 star rating!

Erika D.

To Dr. Valentin - you're awesome.
To the rest of the staff - great job.
Procedure was painless, fast & everyone very attentive, patient & caring.
Thanks to ALL.


Dr. Kerr and staff always take respectful care of me, and I am so happy with the results of my vein procedures! Thanks!

Kathy L.

Dr. KERR (pronounced "CARE") is the best as well as his staff. I went to another vein center and had to stop in the middle of the procedure because I knew something was not quite right (pain during procedure). He has an outstanding bedside manner and makes you feel at ease every step of the way. From the moment I went to his office the first time, I knew I had made a good decision in making the switch. Thanks, Dr. K. for the excellent CARE! I highly recommend him. A++


I have been a patient of the Vein and Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay for the past four years. I have always been treated professionally from the time I walk in the door until the time I leave. I believe they have the best staff of doctors and personnel in the area and I highly recommend them to anyone with vein and vascular problems.

Jane L.

Dr Goldbach has helped my husband an awful lot. He really is a very good doc and has a great bedside manner. The docs there really are very good at what they do and the staff is all so wonderful.


My legs have been a source of despair and embarrassment for me for many years. Because of this I have not worn shorts, dresses, nor skirts for over 15 years. Bathing suits, only in my own pool. I have had three surgeries done by Dr. Kerr, which were painless. I had, and still do, have the utmost confidence in Dr. Kerr's ability to assess my situation, and do what he feels necessary to heal me. I have now started Sclerotherapy treatments with Holly-Ann Kerr. The results on my right leg are fantastic and Holly has begun treating my left leg. She is highly skilled and I actually look forward to my appointments because I know we are making progress.

Shay E.

Had the best experience with Dr. Wright. I had 6 varicose veins removed and a vein shut off in my leg. The surgery was painless and I can't believe that I have no scars! He did an excellent job with a high level of professionalism! I highly recommend him!!


I have been extremely pleased with the staff at your Spring Hill office. Dr. Valentin is wonderful, Steve is a delight and the ultrasound technician (sorry, I forgot her name) is so nice. Everyone here makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything very well. I chose your facility from the internet and was very fortunate to find the knowledge, compassion and comfort that is sometimes difficult to find without a recommendation. I will be happy to tell anyone that needs your services to come to you for the best experience.
Thank you to all of you.

Hazel L.

Always had excellent service/care.


I had laser vein surgery by Dr. Kerr on both my legs. The procedure was explained very thoroughly and it was performed as an in office surgery. I had no pain during or after the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Kerr to everyone as he is both professional and takes his time with his patients. Thank you Dr. Kerr.

Teresa H.

I was referred to Dr. Kerr by my neurologist last year. Dr. Kerr is easy to work with and is very informative. Staff is responsive and friendly. They make me feel like a human being and not just a chart number. They seem to genuinely care about their patients. The occasional Saturday appointments really do help my busy schedule.

Jennifer M.

I could not take part in just simple day to day activities without being in this immense level of pain. Dr. Wright was so patient and he truly did hear everything I had to say. He heard my experiences, all that was occurring and he said, "Don't worry, we're going to figure out what's going on. And if I can't figure it out, I'm going to help you figure out what it is." Those had to be the most heart-warming words any physician could say to their patient. Dr. Wright diagnosed and treated my pelvic congestion syndrome and I am so grateful to him and The Vein and Vascular Institute. I feel like I have my life back.


It was a really seamless process. From the beginning to recovery the team at Lutz was really wonderful and of course Dr. Jones is amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Jones and all of the physicians and team at The Vein and Vascular Institute. They have been wonderful!


I would heartily recommend The Vein and Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay. I am a retired RN so am a little more familiar with medical functions than the average person. From making my appointment, to reception, to the intake interview, meeting with Dr. Kerr, performed procedures and then meeting with Dr. Valentin, I couldn't be more satisfied with the whole institute. First class.

Ray L.

I recommend Dr. Goldbach for arteries or any vein issue…he’s easy going, he’s fun, he’s funny. He jokes, he comes in with a smile even though he might have had a rough morning, he still comes in happy. He’s just bubbly. When you meet a doctor and he’s friendly, bubbly…somebody you can talk to. He cares about what he does. He’s frank and tells you point blank what the problem is. But he does it in a caring way. He’s more of a laid back professional doctor.

Gail M.

What a great group of people - not only knowledgeable, professional and efficient, but friendly and kind as well. I would recommend them highly to all. Thank you Dr Valentin - you are awesome!

Maxine K.

Great office!

Chantal C.

I just passed your clinic in Lutz and said out loud "Thank you Dr. Kerr!!!" My legs look and feel great...I am indeed a very satisfied patient. My experience with your office was very professional and positive!!
I will definitely continue to speak highly of you and your staff!!

Doreen G.

Dr. Valentin and company are awesome! I finally have some answers to questions that I have had for some time! Thank you!

Norma Z.

Dr. Suresh and his staff are very kind, caring and informative when I have had appointments. Dr. Suresh did a outstanding job with my surgery and highly recommend this practice!

Kim V.

Dr. Thomas Kerr and the staff at The Vein & Vascular Institute of Tampa Bay saved me from constant daily leg pain! As a personal trainer, it is essential to be on my feet to demonstrate and support my clients with their exercise programs. Likewise, that was becoming increasingly difficult given the leg pain I was suffering everyday. After consulting, testing and having minimally invasive surgery with Dr. Kerr, the pain I previously suffered from diminished. Likewise, I am so happy to continue changing my clients' lives and not be in pain all day. Thank you Dr. Thomas Kerr and his professional and compassionate staff!!

Ross G.

The staff and Dr. Kerr are top notch! I could not ask for a better place to receive treatment and I could not be happier with the results. I will not hesitate to recommend The Vein and Vascular Institute to any of my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Kerr!


I have been to Dr. Kerr many times for my Erin's. They are very professional and would use them again. I even changed plans to be able to use their office. My surgeries went well and I had great results.

Harold P.

Wonderful doctor. I had a very good time and generally enjoyed the office. Maria was very helpful at the front.

Effie H.

Dr Kerr and his staff are amazing, friendly and helpful.

Michelle M.

Excellent experience at the Spring Hill office. Very informative, and pleasant. Also had several exams with Becky Sheehan, very professional and efficient.

Becca R.

After dealing with leg pain and seeing numerous doctors since 2003, I finally decided to see a Vein Specialist, although my primary doctor still tried to convince me that the problem with my legs was fibromyalgia and not vascular.

After my consultation and ultrasound with Dr. Valentin (who is one of the most wonderful, gentle and kind people you'll ever meet) I finally got my diagnosis. I must admit that I was a little nervous about the procedure because my mother had her veins stripped from her legs years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. However I can't believe how fast, simple and virtually pain free this procedure is and the recovery was so easy with little to no down time.

Dr. Valentin and my nurse Steve are the absolute best at what they do. They treat you with respect and dignity and Dr. Valentin will even sing to you during the procedure with her beautiful voice to put you at ease. I can't say enough about all of the staff and the awesome experience that I had here. Thanks to everyone who played a part in making me well again! Highly recommended!

Berasaluce A.

Today my husband Juan Pablo had a procedure done by Dr. Kerr and assisted by Eddie. It was a great experience. Not knowing what to expect was worrisome, but thanks to Dr. Kerr and all his friendly staff it went very well. Thank you!

Kim T.

The staff is kind, courteous, caring and considerate. Dr Brandt Jones has an excellent bedside manor. He takes his time with you explains what is going on and makes sure you understand. Could not ask for a better doctor.

Diane M.

Dr. Kerr is the top vascular doctor and he is also calming with his wonderful wise remarks that put you at ease. Dr. Kerr is so compassionate about his patients! You can go to all the rest but save your time and go to the best! Dr. Kerr is a Vascular Surgeon who is always available for you. Entire staff is excellent.


I absolutely love this office, the staff is so amazing. I seen Dr Valentin and she was amazing. My ultrasound tech is such a sweetheart. They all make you feel comfortable and safe under their care! I have already recommended my parents to come here!

Dr. Richard D.

Extremely professional. As a physician I felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Kerr and his staff and felt he gave me the highest quality care one could ever receive, I would highly recommend Dr. Kerr to my family, my friends and most importantly, my patients.

Sheryl S.

I had an appointment yesterday for sclerotherapy, which is to get rid of spider veins. It was a painless procedure (to me) and so happy I had it done. Great job to Holly and her assistant Jackie!!
I took my bandages off this morning, to put on my compression hose you have to wear. My husband and I at the same time said WOW...look how great! I had so many spider veins around my feet and some on my legs, but now...they are gone.
My legs look younger thanks to Holly!


Excellent work!

Kelly M.

I had procedures done on both legs. I cannot express how happy I am with the results. Dr Wright is a wonderful doctor.

Aprile S.

If you ever need a vascular surgeon I highly recommend Dr. Kerr. He's everything you want a doctor to be - skilled, thorough, kind, answers questions, never wastes your time. I've seriously never experienced a more efficiently run medical practice.

Diana G.

The staff is very nice. I see Dr. Suresh and he is very professional and very pleasant.


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